Who is not suitable for tattoo?

After tattoo color is not natural to doIn an interview with the teacher found Wenxiu, not all people are suitable and the tattoo tattoo. So, What people do not fit the tattoo This kind of operation?
Local inflammation and rash.
Eyebrows and eyelids. Recent trauma.
People suffering from hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases.
People allergic constitution or scar constitution.
This abnormal mental status or mental patients.
People with diabetes and severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
By the expectations of the surgery is too high or I shilly-shally of eyebrow or text eyeliner, family members who do not agree. that Tattoo training Can you solve the problem.
I have both inside and outside the double eyelid, eyeball protruding obvious, upper eyelid ptosis or anetoderma obvious.
* single edged eyelid. However, the first single fold eyelid surgery, then the tattoo, you can get satisfactory results.

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