What precautions carved eyebrow?

Eastern TattooEagle eyebrow after the skin will automatically scab, a few days after the natural shedding. How long eyebrow restoration ? this is normal, do not worry.
Eagle eyebrow 1-3 days after not eat seafood, drink etc excitant food and drink, to prevent allergic swelling.
Diabetes, heart disease, skin allergies or injury not easily recovered by hand, and leukocytosis, lack of platelet, blood coagulation time, the pigment of skin rejection, it is best not to carved eyebrow, to prevent the occurrence of infection.
Any surgery there is a certain risk, Tattoo allergy how to do ? Asian tattoo net The best advice is to avoid risk is to choose a regular hospital plastic surgery and a responsible professional plastic surgeon before surgery, and postoperative preoperative preparation, so as to ensure the safe operation effect of operation no danger of anything going wrong!

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