What are the repair method after the failure of the tattoo?

tattoo (2)We can often hear such a description, Meiqingmuxiu, look cheerful, visible eyebrows play in the role of facial expression is very important, but we are often in the street or streams of people busily coming and going bustling shopping malls, see some people who fail eyebrow, A few days can wash tattoo Such as: the? Too thick, too small, too long, the color black, blue and no three-dimensional, on both sides of the eyebrow obvious asymmetry, splay eyebrow, the eyebrow is because this is too bad, the operator aesthetic techniques are not mature, lack of aesthetic knowledge or the use of inferior color, caused by. Asian tattoo net Interviewed many women, and they learned in conversation, some people say that the eyebrow Wencheng really do not want to participate in any social activities, and some people said that because the eyebrow failure, poor image, affect the job. So, how to repair the failed eyebrow? Airsun tattoo will introduce several commonly used to you:

1 go empty with acupuncture:

Eyebrow eyebrow machine in the back and forth empty, the epidermal injury scab fall off naturally, make the light color of the eyebrow. The slow fade, poor effect, easy to cause infection and scar, only to less effective.

2 Chemical decolorization method:

By stripping, corrosion resistance to achieve the purpose of bleaching chemicals. Local skin disinfection, empty needle in the eyebrow with the eyebrow machine, then according to the instructions for the fading agent were applied to the brow. The application of sterile cotton swab dipped in bleaching agent, dosage to prevent too much cause skin damage and scarring. After the operation to prevent infection, scab fall off naturally. This is the beauty salon.

3 high-frequency electric ion removing machine method:

The conventional disinfection eyebrow area, under local anesthesia, the operator must grasp the depth, can not go too deep, only to the superficial dermis. Subject to local keep dry water repellent, anti infection, anti scab will naturally fall off, leaving a scar. Eyebrows temporarily fall off, about twenty days long. This method is good for light color and eyebrow of poor people, the deeper the color, not a time to get rid of, should be in 3, 6 months after the second drive.

Method: 4 laser dispel is mainly to the obvious destructive effect of various kinds of melanin granules were using laser, pigment was immediately gasification or decomposed into small particles, the surrounding tissue was not damaged the principle to achieve the purpose of removing failure of eyebrow. Tattoo exuvial note ? obviously, application method is simple, quick and safe, no bleeding, less pain, no scar. But the eyebrows less or yellow, about 20 days to grow new eyebrows is the best way, but for non black eyebrow effect.

5 eyebrow:

The laser can not get rid of the non black eyebrow, can use the surgical methods for resection of poor shape, the postoperative eyebrow became natural or all of the eyebrow, eyebrow to half a year after operation again. But it should be noted that the physical scars, not using this method.

In short, the failure of repair eyebrow are remedies a compelling, make patients suffered undue mental and physical pain. Therefore, caution must carefully choose the eyebrow, eyebrow and tattoo and color division, avoid not satisfied and to get rid of.

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