What are the common methods of tattoo?

What are the common methods of tattoo? Do you know about the tattoo method? Airsun beauty experts said, many for the United States will ask when in consultation, Oriental liuyemei good, or a character eyebrow western. Female friends all of his eyebrow very seriously. In addition to simple Xiumei, more and more beautiful MM are tattoo. With the continuous development of medical cosmetic, tattoo technology innovation, now there are many tattoo methods, we Asian tattoo net Specific to know about it!

What are the common methods of tattoo?
The commonly used methods are mainly covering eyebrow and chemical stripping method, frequency sweep spot meter method eyebrow eyebrow, eyebrow eyebrow surgery and so on, the friends of patients should be carefully chosen according to their own situation. How long does it take to wash the eyebrow tattoo ?
What is the best method of tattoo?
How to choose the best method for tattoo. The friends of every patient is different, such as the need to eyebrow defect status, treatment of the patient, skin and so on, so the patient friends should consider their own conditions in the choice of treatment method, the best person to the formal medical cosmetic institutions find experts in consultation examination. After scraping eyebrow tattoo. ?

Laser tattoo is now considered to be the best method, not only can effectively help us to get a pair of beautiful eyebrows, and not to leave any sequela patients.
The above is the common method of eyebrow tattooing expert and authority and analyze how to choose the best method of tattoo, The tattoo can use mascara. ? I believe you now for your tattoo method have a clear understanding of it?
There are a lot of tattoo method, Asian tattoo Xiaobian here to introduce several:
(1) plane tattoo: one of the most ancient art. Ancient tattoo tattoo is a pattern to some of their own love of worship (such as: reptile animal) the painted on the forehead brow, to show their valiant and bodybuilding side. After improving the beautician evolved into today’s plane tattoo. This is the standard eyebrow tattoo pattern, color vision on average, without trying to feel.
What are the common methods of tattoo

(2): this method of three-dimensional tattoo tattoo was later learned from the art of painting and beautician. Its main features highlight lines like eyebrows, with uneven length and thickness of the hair line features a text with a needle, consistent with the trend of the direction of the eyebrows.
What are the common methods of tattoo
(3): the simulation of three-dimensional tattoo tattoo method is the best method in recent years around the beautician to create an eyebrow development almost at the same time, the beauty industry has been widely used. It is based on the characteristics of coffee as the foundation, combined with the principle of the optical principle and aesthetic eyebrow to simulate the color on the basis, does not destroy the original eyebrow on the show eyebrow of the verve beauty and dynamic beauty.

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