To create smart brow

People always said the eyebrows was feeling imperceptibly, meishao canthus vivid, most female appearance points, but there are many causes of eyebrow defect, regrettable. The so-called permanent makeup eyebrow, eyebrow plastic surgery can make your eyebrows lively.
What are the common methods of tattoo

Most of the crowd because all eyebrow defect burns and severe scalp avulsion burns, there is also a small part is due to the surrounding tumor caused by resection of eyebrow. Eyebrow deformity, trauma in early treatment of improper butt suture rough, resulting in broken ends of separation or malhealing, also found in senile skin relaxation, or because of the frontal branch of facial nerve paralysis or myasthenia gravis, can lead to eyebrow ptosis. The United States eyebrow and IPC stereo popular, it overcomes many disadvantages of Traditional Tattoo technique, make it into the ranks of art make-up, began the so-called permanent makeup. The process of stereo eyebrow is short, good eyebrow is only ten minutes; the effect is natural, soft and not easy to change; in the process of embroidery is not pain, no swelling; easy modification; there are many kinds of eyebrow color. In addition, this method can according to individual character, occupation, type selection, such as coffee for love or colour makeup black, brown coffee for natural person, light coffee for love of the natural makeup, it is suitable for coffee orange blue eyebrow, copper coffee for more trendy, Hair Coloring. People, it is also suitable for blue eyebrow.

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