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Today I would like to explain a few things on the permanent and semi permanent makeup: why do you use, how much it costs, if it hurts, etc etc..
I hope so to answer some of your questions that I often set in private, about especially my eyebrows.

When I was 14 years old, I had an accident in scooter downright ugly and I broke my nose. The windshield but I had literally ripped open his forehead and the skin of the nose, and although the doctor on duty that day in the ER did a nice job with the stitches, the scar is very visible for years, one of my biggest problems.
Over time it has thinned, but now I still have some sort of wrinkle between my eyebrows I hate deeply, and especially because of the scar, part of the eyebrows are never more grow back.
So when I was 18 or 19 years old, I went looking for a makeup artist professional who performed this type of tattoo, which is partly esthetic and corrective.

First tip that I would give you is to not contact a beautician, but at a professional makeup artist who knows how to study and measure your face to the millimeter, because of millimeters.
Try to look at the portfolio of the person you have chosen and prefer someone who has a style as natural as possible.

That said, the very first intervention lasted a lot of hours as first, they pinzettato away much of my eyebrows (trauma) and then with a pencil-thin-tipped, I designed my new eyebrows over and over again, correcting to the millimeter.
After that you started the real tattoo, a heinous evil.
So I highly recommend a numbing ointment!


Once you have finished, you look in the mirror and you will be a hit, probably regret having done it and you feel like Marrabbio Kiss Me Licia.
The tattoo will inflate very much your eyebrows and color you thought you choose will be much closer to black than in that beautiful light brown. Don’t worry, in a week it heals, the scabs fall off by themselves and you’ll have perfect eyes for at least a year and a half.
This is the difference between permanent and semi permanent, 2 years for the first goes very rehearsed each becomes discolored, but the second I would not recommend it because you might always want to change shape.

Last thing, the prices.
Not cheap, it’s not like a tatuaggetto on the shoulder, in fact I paid something like 350  including the first subsequent remodeling.

Updated: The new makeup artists working in this field, the most popular at least in Italy, now have fees ranging from 400 to 1500.


Over the years I have had to change makeup artist, unfortunately the last of which I wish to name (say that if I do it becomes libel?) I have poured a lot of money for a mediocre job, and if all they complimented on my eyebrows, now almost hate them and use the pencil everyday.
So I’m looking for!

Let me add also that this type of tattoo is very useful in case of nipple reconstruction following mastectomy, and of course to all make up such as lip liner, eyeliner, fake moles.


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