Note the tattoo?

Yearn for more beautiful modern woman, often have such doubt, tattoo what precautions? Who are not suitable for tattoo?  around these problems, for everyone answered.

tattoo eyebrow
1, eyebrow surgery is a cosmetic surgery, surgery if failure occurs it is no longer difficult to repair, so patients must be to the regular hospital for the whole operation, so as to ensure the eyebrow teacher experienced can according to the patient’s age and facial lines for patients with natural lifelike eyebrows, avoid after tattoo eyebrow color is asymmetry, etc..
2, do patients with tattoo operation to should notice according to the individual’s skin and hair color tattoo dyes for young women can choose the color of the dye is slightly heavier, older women should pay attention to the choice of a little less dye.
3, patients should pay attention to pay attention to some eyebrow surgery contraindication before surgery, for eyebrow inflammation and rash of patients should pay attention to avoid doing the surgery for drug allergy and tinea scar constitution, should pay attention to avoid doing this operation.
Not everyone to notice the tattoo, eyebrow repair, eyebrow tattoos should pay attention to what the problem? The doctor recommended only for the following conditions of tattoo.
1 older adults; 2 hand trembling or disabled; 3 iceva; 4 regular exercise or sweat, cosmetics easy to fall off; 5 congenital no eyebrows or scar of hair removal.

The tattoo is the pigment into the dermis, with modern medical technology, even though the laser eyebrow will leave traces of grain, therefore, want to consider the following people tattoo:
A tattoo, limited to hairy parts, in addition to the lack of hair, otherwise do not exceed the scope of the hair follicle, the vision was not significant unexpected.
Two, close to the hair color principle, black or dark blue to “artificial” feeling.
Three, color should not be too stressed to re brush eyebrow makeup.
Four, the popular choice of eyebrow eyebrow is constantly changing, respect for the prototype, not fashionable is the safest option.
Five, according to statistics, women after the age of 30 every 10 years, painted eyebrows than the original eyebrows on the edge of 0.05 cm higher, this is because older, forehead and eye ptosis, by improving the visual effect of some hide eyebrow line. So the 20 year old man does not recommend the tattoo, otherwise the old eyebrow ptosis to splay eyebrow does not look good.

Six, shilly-shally, it’s easy to regret or carp person in pursuit of perfection, not suitable for tattoo.
Seven, plan to pull a face or eyelid plastic, such as swelling, facial surgery should be fixed after the grain glabellum eyebrow eyeliner, such direction and position will coordinate.
Tattoo is a cosmetic surgery contraindications are as follows:
A facial, or eyebrow area boils, folliculitis and other infections.
Two, eyebrow area lesions, such as hemangioma, sebaceous gland cyst and seborrheic dermatitis etc..
Three, physical scars.
Four, mental disorders, the tattoo after the requirements from the actual or expected effect is too high.
Five, the preparation of eyebrow allergy.
Six, patients have blood diseases, such as hemophilia, thrombocytopenia.
Seven, to avoid cross infection, hepatitis B and other infectious disease should not carry eyebrow.

In eight, congenital or acquired ptosis, patients are often higher than the contralateral side eyebrows, extremely easy to cause the error in the eyebrow design, often leading to tattoo after the results are not satisfactory, so taboo tattoo technique.

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