Not satisfied to wash the eyebrow?

Once made a lot of eyebrow are crazy for a few years, but it is often happened eyebrow failure phenomenon, so many people can wash eyebrow consulting? Asia Network Wenxiu Wenxiu teacher introduction, eyebrows is an important part of the face, eyebrow eyebrow who is failure to have occurred things, but now is through eyebrow method to wash the bad eyebrow.
On the eyebrow not satisfied can be completely washed? Asian tattoo net The tattoo eyebrow is teacher said that the technology can wash bad eyebrow, traditional chemical stripping method and electro surgical method, laser tattoo removal method.

Chemical stripping method: use Yao corrosive coating on the eyebrow, let the local chemical burn reaction, so that local tissue necrosis occurs, finally scab off, some of the pigment followed dispel decoration
Surgical method: using high frequency electro cauterization tattoo department, dry place so that local tissue necrosis, pigmented tissue. But the results are often part of dispel could not completely remove the tattoo, and probably left an ugly scar, so there are a lot of people to use laser eyebrow washing method.
Laser wash eyebrow The laser energy can be an instant smash, blasting the pigment particles, the pigment was crushed by debris exuvial or through phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation in vitro. The effects of the laser is highly selective, and no damage to the surrounding normal skin, no obvious side effects after surgery, no scar, generally eyebrow after 1 ~ 3 times the treatment can be removed.

Eyebrow eyebrow shaping method is a significant effect, but due to unforeseen circumstances may cause the eyebrow after the effect is not very ideal, so it is necessary to re accept the wash eyebrow, eyebrow can wash it out that the answer to this question is yes. What if you have other questions, please consult our tattoo teacher.

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