Must handle multiple tattoo training

Every tattoo division in a variety of technical embroidering all cannot do without the training of his hand, in general, these are from the beginning of the line training. Here to introduce thrush, as a novice teacher in the practice tattooing advice before preparing a large number of white paper and pencil according to the size of real eyebrows as you think you are starting to warm side, with dotted lines, through a period of time can achieve the degree of proficiency.

As a novice to keep practicing my manuscript, the beginning of the practice is a process of the dull as ditch water after this time, because you will not mind practice again, a lot of people can not become the high level because it is unable to bear the loneliness, the so-called tattoo master process Practice makes perfect., each must go through the. When we draw a good eyebrow, can not let a good painting painting control to control, if it is in front of the picture is not good not good can give up. We have to do at this stage is to make the eyebrows on both sides of symmetry, another is to improve their own feeling, brewing proficiency. Most of the time they have to spend a lot of time symmetry is the spirit to pile up, do not use any tools at this time, when the train to feel drawn can say basic grasp, generally only play a good foundation to the achievements of these high attainments Wenxiu level.

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