How long will it take after the eyebrow eyebrow again?

You may be due to the first eyebrow understanding is not very good, resulting in the eyebrow effect is not too good, so be but still want to wash the eyebrow, eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow, so how long after? Believe this is a lot of women are very concerned about the topic, for this problem, let the following net tattoo net The tattoo teacher to give you a detailed introduction:
For eyebrow, should pay attention to the following matters:
During the first, after the healing of eyebrow, can be coated with antibacterial ointment or oral inflammation Yao to avoid secondary infection, avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet light;
Second, the crust about 1 weeks off, an eyebrow may occur after normal temporary pigmentation, will gradually absorb metabolism. Oral vitamin C can reduce the pigment reflux; and transient response may be swelling and other treatment, but will disappear;
Before third, decrustation treatment area best to contact the water, do not rub, to make their own crusts fall off, can not be forcibly peeling; decrustation did not participate in the intense movement, so as not to cause infection after sweating;
Fourth, avoid spicy, tobacco and wine, and dark things such as coffee.
My teacher recommends not immediately after washing eyebrow eyebrow, preferably at least two months apart, again color, so as to better absorb color.

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