Happiness woman is something like this

The woman is not so lucky, open luxury car secular people think, cross the name of the package, not the pursuit of a good woman, but to family happiness, family safe. Now many girls are seeking to marry the wealthy, but we take a closer look at, how many wealthy married women will eventually be happy? How to see the lucky woman from the face? What kind of woman is really happy woman?

1, a straight nose nose

The nose on behalf of a person’s mind, a straight nose represents the heart is, doing what is right, there is the moral bottom line, not for their own interests and unnecessary loss of personality. But there are certain ideas, will give advice and suggestions for her husband’s career, even for family selfless dedication, this woman is the standard neizhu, and in her will be the status of a certain law, can be called a lucky and happy woman.
love beauty

2, God’s eyes no confusion

The eye can represent a personal psychological activity of the woman, eyes glazed, without what motivated in your career, what is not to family planning, live free, if not grasp their own, there will be unfaithful to husband. If the eyes are clear eyes no confusion the woman thought correct, not easy to be seduced, so the word third always has nothing to do with her, not only to cheat on them is the most happy woman.
love beauty

3, people in clear soft hair

The hair soft, gentle personality, considerate, and do not bother her really is everything to help her husband to succeed in their careers. If people are clear, Qi foot fertile, and smart and capable, by her love belongs to the happiness of.

4, Chin

Full chin women belonging to the typical prosperous phase, but also by each other’s love, she is not feeling soft and easy with unisexual and quite considerate. The swastika face of the female is more blessed, the general good friends, helpful, serious working attitude can get the boss’s appreciation, the affection of my friends, all the people are willing to make friends with such a woman at home is more deep the husband as an understanding wife and loving mother, love, this woman is the most happy the.

5, Wuguanduanzheng sweet voice rosy lips and pretty white teeth

Symmetrical facial features, is liking a woman’s voice, if hoarse, will appear in the marriage relationship. So a woman is the standard sound sweet, gentle, so that you have a sweet and happy marriage, conjugal love, the United States and the United States, and one family, because happiness belongs to so fortunate people.

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