Do you know what kinds of types of eyebrow tattoo

Many women are experiencing simple eyebrow thrush, these days, today is basically entered the era of beauty beauty. It is also my beauty to adapt to the needs of modern social development, because beauty tattoo can save lot of occupation women get eyebrow time mirror. But it is necessary to remind the beauty of the girls, because beauty is not easy to change the tattoo, please take the professional beauty tattoo design for your beauty, analysts tattoo before, lest drop a “eye brow hate” consequences.
tattoo division
This is a three-dimensional tattoo tattoo beautician later learned from the art of painting and to. The main features of its prominent lines like eyebrows, with uneven length and thickness of the hair line features a text with a needle, consistent with the trend of the direction of the eyebrows. The plane tattoo is one of the most ancient art of tattoo. The old tattoo is some love worship patterns painted on the forehead brow, with the side to show their beautiful parrot. After the improvement of ancient beautician evolved into today’s tattoo plane. Its characteristics are: Standard eyebrow color pattern, on average, no vision to feel. Then it is a modified dot tattoo eyebrow plane with minimal damage. This method only needs the tattoo needle point on the mouth of the bag drops the thorn eyebrow coloring, looks like the root of the eyebrows thick. This method is only suitable for itself, only good eyebrow eyebrows less or smaller. Finally, the three-dimensional simulation eyebrow is the most popular, the tattoo method is the best method in recent years around the beautician to create a tattoo development almost at the same time, it has been widely used in cosmetic industry. It is based on the characteristics of coffee as the foundation, combined with the principle of the optical principle and aesthetic eyebrow simulate micropigmentation, without destroying the original eyebrow on the show eyebrow of the verve beauty and dynamic beauty. Simulation of three-dimensional tattoo is not suitable for the original no eyebrows.

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