Answer six questions about eyebrow embroidering

1 .lines of molding paste causes eyebrow:
Answer: because of excessive force, stab into the dermis. Contains blood and lymph and tissue fluid in the dermis, they will drive the color flow, embroider line will spread, fuzzy. Normal operation should be color embroidery to the epidermal layer, the formation of Cecil shape, sense of relief.
2. how do five minutes to design a symmetrical eyebrow?
Answer: find “, must be in the eyebrow muscles, frown perpendicular to the inside corner of the eye, nose, forehead and canthus 3.1. Connect the three point box is on the eyebrow. The eyebrow is high than the guests with backs, facial features and other factors to determine the thickness of the eyebrows, height and length etc..

3. level of asymmetry should be how to design two eyebrow eyebrow
Answer: eyebrows should be relatively symmetrical, one eyebrow high brow should be flat, flat between the eyebrows. This side of the eyebrow gently a lot, instead of the other side, some oblique eyebrows, eyebrows slant, it will enhance the many side of the eyebrows. In short “is determined.

4. eyebrow should be much more easy? Is the power of color?
Answer: embroidery embroidery to the epidermis, rather than down through the use of seven kinds of acupuncture, acupuncture, efforts should be appropriate, rather than force more easily. At the same time. And the relationship with the pen point needle, needle shaped pen is determined between hand blade angles and hand strength.
5. eyebrow eyebrow color a deep shallow how to remedy?
Answer: if the light side of the eyebrow color appropriate, will be dark side of the eyebrows painted orange coffee in the soil can be coated with a little yellow.
If the dark side of the eyebrow color appropriate, will continue to light one eyebrow embroidered color.

6. how to embroider the black eyebrows?
Answer: soft spinning is determined according to the color painting Embroidered Wrist vascular color are not the same, different temperature on the absorption of warm and cold colors, as long as the normal color eyebrow in proportion to the deep coffee also reduced the proportion of increase in the proportion of black can be embroidered black eyebrows.

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