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TattooTattoo, is actually a minimally invasive skin coloring, which belongs to the medical cosmetology. It is the stability of the color pigment formation implantation of skin tissue, the skin is very thin, into a translucent, so the implantation of pigment by epidermis showing implantation to achieve color, cover flaws, weaknesses, modification of beautification effect. Because of piercing the skin pigment are small, granular diameter less than 1 microns, soon after being implanted Collagen protein Cannot be surrounded by phagocytic cells, thus forming a semi permanent mark on the surface of the skin. Known as the “beauty” and “tattoo” and “gloze”. Including three items: Modern tattoo eyebrow, eye liner, lip bleaching.

Disinfection measures

The embroidering process is directly injected to pierce the skin pigment, so as a qualified Beautician That should have strict disinfection and hygiene
1. Disinfection of 1 Beauty operating appliances: all come into contact with the customer to the skin appliances disinfection treatment, should ensure that one piece embroidering needle needle, disinfection and sterilization products using disposable supplies to prevent cross infection.
2. environmental health beauty: the external environment the growth of a variety of pathogenic and harmful microbes, so be sure to keep clean and sanitary, air circulation operation environment, regularly carry out aseptic processing.
3. for customers to tattoo skin disinfection.
4. hairdresser beautician aseptic operation should be cleaned the opponent, then put on sterile gloves. A sterile goods or hand to the place as sterile area during operation can only contact in the sterile area, and to keep the beauty operation is completed.
5. medical and cosmetic effect is poor, may be related to the disinfection and sterilization are not well, should be clear after trying to remedy.


Painting skills

First, block processing
In the labial surface color will do on the lower lip surface is divided into four regions, each region according to the line the brows The number of the needle can be divided into 2 to 3 pieces, the operation should be carefully carefully with each pattern, a pattern after a note: in the next block will suck liquid needle cap, re stained with pigment, ensure color effect.
In the lip line should be taken by sections, is the lip is divided into several paragraphs, a needle in lip should also ensure that James pigment, color flow smoothly, in case of bleeding or pigment accumulation, to avoid here, do it again and then fill the needle.

Second, layers of color method
The operation of using telescopic labial color needle cap adjusting the length of the needle, making the original color exposed second times clockwise long 1mm, long 1.5mm show color clockwise third times clockwise, color long exposed 2mm, note: must cut needle needle regulating in the boot, the needle cap clockwise paste to ensure all the long needle piercing the skin on the skin, the needle angle is 90 degrees.

Third, less wipe permeation
This side can not operate lip tattoo wipe every color to color of the lip on the retention of 2 – 3 minutes, then gently wipe the whole lip and then coated with pigment is wrong.

Fourth, five characters
1: the operator action should be light, the left hand pull the skin is not great, the right hand needle can not be too heavy.
2: gentle needle movement, take advantage of the opportunity, consistent efforts to maintain the vertical angle of the needle.
3: the needle moves faster, and the speed and stability, not unsteadiness.
4: the needle cap posts on the skin, let all the exposed length of needle piercing the skin, to ensure color uniformity.
5: needle line should be close, no matter what the needle acupuncture must be uniform color effect.


Classification technology

1. simple tattoo Technology

The most prominent personality design, It differs from man to man., and use soft tactics, natural color, and to beautify facial features that lip, without leaving obvious traces of modification.

(1), Eyebrow
Objective: to improve the eyebrow shaping, sparse or scattered eyebrow, improve the visual effect of the face, facial beautification forehead .
Intended for: eyebrow Sparse, scattered, or long drooping; Thrush person
(2), embroidery Eyeliner
Objective: to beautify the shape of the eye, which is slender and smooth, the visual effect of thick eyelashes, eye black.
Applicable to the crowd: sparse eyebrows, or double eyelid surgery is not natural; or long-term eyeliner.
(3), embroidered lip
Objective: to improve the soft lip, lip color, visual effects against complexion, face beautification temperament.
Suitable crowd: the lip is too thin or too thick lip edge, the edge is not clear, on the lower lip or lip unhealthy imbalance.

2, modify eyebrow surgery

Did the tattoo, tattooed eyeliner or lip customers, with the passage of time, some color becomes abnormal shape, some outdated, as well as part of the customer to repeat tattoo, Eyebrow Washing \ cut eyebrow, the formation of pigment residue and scar This situation belongs to hyperplasia. Modify embroidering.
(1), change the embroidered Eyeliner
Applicable to the crowd: had tattooed black eyeliner, shape exaggeration or not smooth; occurrence of color formation “panda eyes”. Or is the first tattoo, a few years later to do Double-fold eyelids Or pouch surgery, blue Eyeliner form ectropion.
Objective: to improve the scattered coarse dirty eye shape, pay attention to the roots of eyelashes graceful lines, eyelid ectropion after operation for circular pouch.
(2), modified lip embroidery
Suitable crowd: lip color is not natural, lip stiff exaggerator.
Objective: to improve the lip color, soften lip.
(3), change the eyebrow embroidery
Suitable crowd: Blue Red eyebrow, eyebrow, eyebrow eyebrow is too high or too low; stiff exaggerated.
Objective: through the selection of cleaning or embroidery, while improving eyebrow and eyebrow color

3, The operation of composite tattoo

Tattoo and other surgical operation can complement each other, make up for the natural operation of recovery, beautify the long-term results of surgery.
1, composite eyebrow eyebrow
Eye or eyebrow relaxation cannot handle clean bad eyebrow, eyebrow lifting eyes and at the same time, improve the eye eyebrow ptosis.
2, composite cutting lip lip embroidery
The lip is too thick or asymmetrical, upper lip straight without lip beads, can be combined with the cutting lip surgery, create beautiful lips pursed lip.
3, composite pouch embroidered
At the same time to complete and eye surgery, can beautify the palpebral eyelash root, prevent valgus.

The basic principle

The skin generally divided into epidermis and dermis, according to the different parts of the thickness is about 0.212mm – 0.508mm range, the eye position is the most thin skin and the palm is thickest. The thickness of the skin have to grasp the depth understanding. When the needle will tattoo, not grain too deep or too shallow.
The lower epidermis of the stratum corneum, composed of squamous cell closely, down followed by the transparent layer, granular layer, spinous layer and germinal layer of epidermis, no blood vessels, but there are a lot of small nerve endings, the epidermis is basically translucent.
The epidermis is close to the papillary dermis, dermis papillary layer is the vascular plexus. Next is the reticular dermis and subcutaneous tissue. There are abundant deep vascular plexus and subcutaneous fat, and provide nutrients for the skin.
Tattoo technology is actually a kind of traumatic skin color, will form a stable color pigment implanted in the skin tissue, the skin is very thin, into a translucent pigment, through the epidermis, showing color to cover up flaws and weaknesses, modified beautification effect. Penetrate the skin pigment into small particles, the diameter of less than one micron, soon surrounded by collagen, not by phagocytic cells, thus forming a mark.

Common sense

Beauty is a kind of traumatic skin color, with a certain degree of risk. Beauty must not fail, so the beauty operation should be guaranteed in safe condition. Must have equipment tools, special disinfection, also asked the operator tattoo have certain medical aesthetics, basic knowledge, skills and trained with regularity. The environment, atmosphere and light are important conditions associated with beauty.
Clean and comfortable environment, beauty in dermis and epidermis, epidermal skin puncture protection after hypothyroidism, bacteria easy to invade. So the beauty operation room should be kept clean and fresh air.
Quiet and gentle atmosphere, good atmosphere, can make people feel nervous mediation good quiet, emotional stability. Tattoo in this kind of environment, can concentrate on the operation. Who is tattoo in a good environment to actively cooperate, to ensure the quality of work division of tattoo.
Light moderate lighting, lighting is an important condition for tattoo cosmetic operation. The light is soft and comfortable, can decrease the visual fatigue of tattoo division, to ensure the quality of tattoo
Necessary facilities: beauty bed and mirror. Is the attitude stability of tattoo half lying or lying down, a sense of security, easy tattoo division operation. The role of the mirror: let guests see the effect. Also let the tattoo from the mirror to see the overall effect of tattoo.


Matters needing attention

1. note color tattoo tattoo deployment: according to the color of hair color, skin color, eye color, age, occupation preparation of the corresponding;
2. design matters shaped tattoo tattoo: according to shape, occupation, character, design a natural condition for success Eyebrow ;
3. note of the professional tattoo tattoo tattoo: Division of the strict technical requirements, combined with the density and intensity of vegetables from the wrist tattoo, with the growth direction of natural eyebrow a tattoo, a three-dimensional effect, with the actual feeling and sense of space;
4.The relationship between the 4 notes in the tattoo tattoo skin: the skin is divided into three layers, from the outside to the inside of the subcutaneous tissue, dermis, epidermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, the protective effects of epidermal tissue is from outside to inside is divided into five layers, i.e. Cuticle And the transparent layer, granular layer, prickle cell layer, the base layer, the position of tattoo in the epidermis of epidermal granular layer, no blood vessels, but there are many nerve endings, so no tattoo bleeding, not red not swollen, without any protective measures.


Professional Ethics

There is not a simple beauty, but with the complexity and skill quite, so the practitioner must have good occupation morals, specifically in the following areas:

1, most need work attitude strict in demands. Beauty Has a permanent and certain risk, energy is not centralized or slightly careless will affect the quality and even accidents, strict in demands is the quality assurance work attitude.

2, most have superb professional skills, this is the fundamental tattoo. Skill from basic skills training, have a solid basic skills in order to use the handy.

3, the other means It differs from man to man. beauty is the process of shaping and beautify the image of the people. The most beautiful or not in compliance with other personal characteristics and personality. According to the different aesthetic principles for different people to the other effects are important factors shaping beauty.

4, strict disinfection. Tattoo is on a person’s skin, the operation must be carried out strict disinfection. Including: Disinfect hands and tattoo site beautician; the use of disposable needles or by high temperature high pressure disinfection; 1 1 disinfection cotton piece 1; 1 Chemicals; needle bolt disposable, preoperative beautician tools shall be wiped with alcohol cotton.

5, gentle attitude. Due to the special nature of beauty, more or less will make patients with tension, ambivalence, cordial and gentle attitude is to give a recipient of the best Sedative In order to give people a sense of comfort.

6, beauty is the art and science of mix, reflect the superb skills, has the complexity in operation, at the same time there are risks in the operation skills, this is the essence of beauty.


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