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After the eyebrow shape is different how to do?

Tattoo Training, Microblading Training, Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow shape after is not the same, a thick eyebrow tail down and the color is relatively heavy, a fine of up and eyebrow tail light color, I love thin and shallow brow, looked very natural, and thick and heavy color downward eyebrow how to get it? Said another can repair the opportunity, they are not symmetric machine like that, all with a ruler, with a pen embroidery, and I don’t want to be embroidered, as if I put the light heavy embroidered really ugly, can you use a laser to heavy color embroidery shallow?
The usual first tattoo or embroidery, are not recommended for coarse long eyebrows, because once the bad effects of change on the poor.
Tattoo Training, Microblading Training, Eyebrow Tattoo
But to know that even his eyebrows are not perfectly symmetrical, two eyes is the size and the distance you have any radian, but the visual focus is not there, so there is no one to say asymmetry, strict data comparison, not only about two eyes is the same, so only eyebrows on the basis of this approximation, there is no absolute.
But if the gap is too much after two eyebrow tattoo, at a glance, or not doing so slightly symmetry.


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