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About your Tattoo

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The high price of the tattoo, why is it so expensive?
1.  tattoo of professional, technical level of tattoo division are key determinants of price.
The pursuit of the division of each eyebrow tattoo demanding line angle, radian and texture, in order to make their hair color more in line with your skin, they want to color milk complicated multiple deployment. (a more than 3 years of experience in the occupation tattoo division, exercise at least one million eyebrow lines)
2.  milk color tool
The tattoo instrument the color of milk, will directly affect the effect of tattoo. In order to achieve better results, natural to use more expensive products. Professional tattoo division, in order to maintain the best selling effect, will not easily change pigment.
3. other costs
My teacher in order to make the work more quality, she put the cost of learning how much? The cost of training? Exercise cost? Occupation disease operation leads to perennial bow? One minute on the stage takes ten years, each one behind the seemingly glamorous profession, are countless people silently shed countless sweat.
This shot is so light, it is so heavy. It might only tattoo division to understand.
tattoo price
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