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About The eye liner

eye liner

Many people think that the eye is relatively simple to beautify the part, but the eye is most likely to affect the individual spirit of the organ. So many of my friends are the tattoo to make themselves was not too beautiful eyes up and beautify. Most Asian network experts said the tattoo should adopt black dye, because the upper eyelid eyelashes thick long, so it should be relatively low and let the lines thicker, the color is more deep. If the lower eyelid lashes short and sparse on the lines of fine light, while on the outside should be thicker in some lines. The liner should be from the inner canthus canthus outward gradually widened, and the tail slightly upturned, especially for the age, the eyelid skin sagging should be paid attention to the tail of the eye.
eye liner
Because of the specific circumstances of each person is different, such as the nature of the skin, skin elasticity, skin color, the specific methods used in the tattoo when there will be some differences. Charge tattooed associated with surgical equipment, the level of technical equipment, because doctors used in hospitals are different, a lot of professional regular hospital adopts the international advanced technology and equipment, to achieve good results, the tattoo fees will be different

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