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About 3d Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

3d eyebrow tattoo
3d eyebrow tattoo

3d eyebrow tattoo manual tattoo pen

1.Reviews from Jamee D. West Covina, CA:
I used to spend a good 30mins to almost an hour just doing my brows everytime i have work or somewhere to go. That’s a looong time because for 1, i want my brows to look nice & perfect like those make up artists… & 2, i’m not very good in applying make-up.

One day, i ran into my cousin at a nail salon & the first thing i noticed were her eyebrows cuz they looked different from what i remembered. That’s when she told me about 3d eyebrows & Lisa. (Thank God she did!!) I asked my cousin for the number & made an appointment. Got my brows done on 3-26-15 by Lisa (i posted before & after pix above for u to see). I already had my brows tattood back in 2003, but by now it has already faded & too thin (cuz back then, thin brows were in).

Lisa was wonderful! She was so nice & talked to me about how she can cover up my old, ugly tatted brows. Lisa did the best she could to cover up the ends of my [old] brows & made them thicker than what i originally had. I’m VERY HAPPY with my brows now!! Thank u Lisa!!!

2.Reviews from  Ana C.    Whittier, CA:
I went for my second touch-up and decided to go darker and thicker.  I love my eyebrows….Lisa is Amazing!

eyebrow tattoo pen

3. Reviews from Jette S.    Pico Rivera, CA
Again back for my yearly touch up.  Went a bit thicker this year again.  Sill satisfied with everything Lisa does.. Never a disappointment. She gave me a gift because she knows I given her a good review in the past.  I always recommend coming here for your eyebrow needs.  I’ve already converted 2 people to come here and they’re all happy with the results.  I might have another person coming here soon.  Best discovery ever and I will be a loyal customer every year.

eyebrow tattoo pen

7 Responses to About 3d Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

  1. Tawny -

    June 9, 2016 at 20:23

    Why do I bother cailnlg up people when I can just read this!

    • Sequoia -

      March 21, 2017 at 21:36

      Taking the ovwrivee, this post its good

  2. Pongpos -

    August 31, 2015 at 19:00

    I LOVE it.I have seriously wanetd this tattoo sooooooo badly. The brutal division, yet subtle accentuation of the human form is simply breathtaking. We’ll see if I ever actually get the guts to permanently ink myself…xx, Claire

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